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Planning Guide

There are so many plans you need to make for your wedding, there are also so many ideas you’d like to include in your wedding and then there are those that…..well (cough cough), you know!  Some brides and grooms have a whole year to plan for their wedding, some have six months and some even less time.  Simply adapt the following guidelines to fit your time frame.  Feel free to check off those items you’ve already gotten done, that’ll feel good!


6-9 months prior to your wedding:

  • Book your ceremony and reception site(s)

  • Start first draft of your guest list

  • Shop for your wedding gown

  • Choose bridesmaid dresses

  • Hire a photographer

  • Decide on flowers, hire a florist

  • Hire a DJ/band

  • Choose your officiant

  • Hire a caterer


 4-6 months prior to your wedding:

  • Select and order your invitations

  • Send “Save the Date” cards (if sending)

  • Choose a bakery for wedding cake or desserts

  • Arrange for any rental items (reserve tent if wedding is outdoors)

  • Select Groom’s tux/suit as well as groomsmen’s.  Arrange fitting  appointment

  • Buy wedding rings

2-4 months prior to your wedding:

  • Finalize guest list and send invitations (6-8 weeks prior to wedding)

  • Check that tuxes/suits for Groom and groomsmen have been ordered

  • Select place for rehearsal dinner, finalize dinner plans

  • Choose music for ceremony and reception

  • Book wine/beer steward(s) (if necessary)

1-2 months prior to your wedding:

  • Have first bridal gown fitting (6-8 weeks prior to wedding)

  • Design and print wedding programs

  • Finalize flow of ceremony with officiant

  • Finalize flow of reception with DJ/MC (if no DJ)

  • Prepare photo shoot (and video) list

  • Book block of hotel rooms for out of town guests

3-4 weeks prior to your wedding:

  • Get Marriage License (usually no more than 30 days before wedding)

  • Continue with bridal gown fittings

  • Make final wine/beer choices, send to steward


1-2 weeks prior to your wedding:

  • Make final payments for all services requiring payment

  • Have final bridal gown fitting

  • Send final head count to caterer/reception site

  • Put together emergency kit for day of wedding with needle, thread, safety pins, tape, etc.

  • Pick up wedding dress, make sure all accessories are together

  • Confirm delivery times for cake, flowers, rental items

  • Confirm arrival times for photographer, videographer, DJ/band, officiant

The Day before the wedding:

  • Pick up tuxes/suits; Check for correct sizes and that all accessories are present (shoes, ties, vests, etc.).

  • Make sure buttons are secure.

  • At rehearsal, let wedding party and family members know when they are expected to arrive on

       wedding day.


The Day of the wedding

  • Dress, primp (don’t forget to eat something) and then…..

  • Enjoy the celebration of your new life together

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