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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

This is one of the most exciting times of your life! You're getting married! 

Between the proposal and the celebration, there are a lot of details and decisions to make, and those decisions and details are what we’ll talk about when we meet.


We’ll meet three to four times before your wedding. Let's plan one of those meetings to be at your wedding venue.  

At our first meeting, we will talk about the overall vision of your wedding day. Everybody's vision and hopes for that day are different, and I want to know what is important to the two of you. 
During our meetings, we’ll use my questionnaire to talk through details like décor, wedding party and vendors.
If you would like recommendations for vendors, I’ve worked with many in the area, and I would be happy to share my contacts with you.

Shortly before your wedding day, we will finalize the timelines for that day. We will decide what time vendors and family members should arrive to the venue and we will plan the order of ceremony and reception.  

I will be there as your resource from the first time we meet until the two of you drive off into the sunset as Mr. & Mrs. 

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